Theia Inter­national e.V.

Inspire young people to leave their comfort zone so they can do extraordinary things.

Our Mission

The future becomes familiar to young talents on their unique journeys

Regardless of your social, ethical or financial situation we provide access to people outside of your immediate context, which could have the potential to fling open doors and possibilities that you never knew existed. Change needs special people - with very special talents. THEIA is designed to identify, inspire and enable these northstars. Young students will be able to enter uncharted territories and insane their potential to imagine and design a more sustainable, peaceful and humanistic in deep connection with the environment and the wisdom of global cultures.

Theia International e.V. is fuelling the your generation by bridging them to the wonders of the world in a new light. Our mission is to enable young people like you and open up opportunities to explore boundaries, and develop practical skills, awareness and a global mindset, through hands-on, interdisciplinary, cross-cultural experiences. THEIA’s holistic programs serve as an interface between primary and secondary schools, universities and companies, start-ups and non-profits.

THEIA was founded in Germany by Anja Carron the top 100 world leader in global education and nominated by the ZEIT Foundation for the Marion DoenhoffPize for International Understanding and Reconciliation. The organization has been developing quickly over the past 2 years and has begun various programs internationally with an initial focus on India.

All our programs are designed to enable young people opportunities to develop the skills and awareness to make a difference in the world, and ultimately, address the UN-Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  But more we focus on the interdependence of traditions and cultures and match this with innovative methods and techniques. But overall we think free in the awareness of the oval connectivity. Our programs are driven and developed by young minds and function through partnerships with lighthouse companies, start-ups, non-profits, schools and universities. We are targeting in our life and meaningful career capacity building programs on young future potentials between the ages of 18 – 30 and kids in the ages of 5-18 years addressed by Action for Happy Kids and the Global Citizens school program.

The mythological figure of Theia is an outstanding and pioneering protagonist of the legends and myths of the ancient world. Almost forgotten in the many-voiced historical human memory, it dominated not only in the history of the Olympic family by its views, its actions and its children, its place, but represents its values increasingly up to the present and from a historical perspective, it can be assumed quite certainly also in the future. The autonomy, the cosmopolitanism of the ancient flow of knowledge and a first democratic attitude shaped the spirit and discipline of entire generations of young people for centuries. At THEIA INTERNATIONAL, we have adopted the virtues of this extraordinary figure, heroine and woman. Dive with us into our philosophy, the cosmopolitanism, the knowledge, the entrepreneurs and the spirit of adventure, as well as the courageous foresight to reinterpret a 3500-year-old thought and to invent it into a new context.
We go beyond, cross limits to unlock young people’s potential that they turn the world into a happy place with their inspiration and light.

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