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We invest all donations in Theia programs

We invest all donations into the THEIA programs so that we can offer you a meaningful support all over the world. We will bild up structures and offer best practice examples as well support by mentors and coaches to empower and develop your personal skills and competences that you become self-confident and skilled to drive your life e happy and and with awareness We care about each of you, with your talents and ideas. 

We are dependent on the financial support of society to continue our efforts to make you happy, healthy, innovative, attentive, and peaceful young generation.

As soon as we have seen your videos, we will know what you wish for, to get your ideas of a world where you can grow up happy.

Donations and transparency

Funds raised for ACTIONFORHAPPYKIDS are used to support our immediate and long-term impact. They support the work of Theia International, helping children, adolescents, and young adults to develop their personal skills and competencies to become happy and successful in life as well as in work. We work in an agile way and invest in digital equipment that benefits everyone. Almost everyone works for us on a voluntary basis. We have a transparent service provider structure and enjoy quality pro bono offers.... The kids and young people deserve to find the best possible support in us and that requires a high level of professionalism and quality from us as a non-profit organisation. To provide this, we must first and foremost invest in the people who work tirelessly day in and day out to ensure that we are providing equitable participation and futures for kids in the most meaningful way possible, and back it all up with digital and agile structures.

Every EUR/dollar/rupee... we invest goes towards furthering our community mission and means great support, greater reach, and bigger impact.